Neemo offers an unforeseen approach for managing change, strategy and brand work as well as teams. Neemo's effectiveness is based on a visual dialogue method, which uses emotional intelligence, subconsciousness and crossdisciplinary thinking through photographs. Neemo deepens your understanding and takes this knowledge into your backbone.


Neemo’s practice-oriented approach produces new insights on developing one’s personal management skills. The increasing self-awareness also helps you to advance your interaction skills. The Neemo Method reforms organisational culture with a long-term focus.


For Neemo, envisioning a strategy or a change entails multidimensional and innovative development work. The exceptional working approach helps developing the predominant organisational culture out of the box and is an inspiration for change.


The Neemo Method generates honest dialogue about your brand. The method helps clarifying the brand and makes it easier to commit to it. A brand adopted by personnel at the emotional level motivates them internally and is reflected to the customer as an authentic message.