We are the international Neemo Tribe. We believe that one photograph tells more than a thousand words. The biggest problem in teams and organizations is that there is no safety, no communication, no creativity and no trust. There is also a lack of creative and out-of-the- box facilitation tools that are effective and tested. Neemo has a truly unique solution to develop your organizations in a deep and effective way. We realized that people take and share billions of photos daily, but they’re not used for business development.  We developed a facilitating method that is  based on these photos and its fun, creative and profound.

SINCE 2016

Neemo was founded in 2016 by Nanna Hänninen is one of the most famous photographic artists in Finland. She is the Founder, Innovator and CEO of Neemo.  Her works are located in numerous public and private collections in Finland and abroad. Nanna has also created several large public works of art internationally. Find out more on Nanna Hänninen.


Neemo is a startup from Finland. Neemo Method is fun, creative, profound and unique facilitation tool. Our Neemo Method has been tested in several businesses and public organizations with great results. The first training program of licensed Neemo Coaches has recently started in Finland. Stay tuned and apply for the next Neemo coach training by emailing nanna@neemo.fi


We establish an international Neemo Tribe for licensed Neemo coach training program for business coaches around the world. We will help the Neemo Tribe members throughout the journey using our creative method and we will continuously develop new tools to help business coaches to be more efficient and creative and share their thoughts with each other.