"Relationships between people are our greatest asset."

Neemo method is a creative facilitating method based on photography. Neemo method is used in workshops facilitated by certified Neemo coaches. In Neemo workshops teams use artistic knowledge and the most common way of communication- taking photos. A visual dialogue through photographs helps teams to communicate and produces new out-of-the-box ideas. Neemo method workshop is an immediate way to create understanding and trust within a team. Neemo engages the entire team equally and embraces both tacit knowledge and hidden potential.


Neemo is the first and only photography-based facilitating method for business development. The magic of photography brakes communication barriers with in the team. The Neemo method generates out-of-the-box ideas in a concrete form – as photographs. The method is incredibly easy to use and our workshops are fun. We motivate and engage your team 100 %.

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Are you working on business development and looking for a better way to serve your clients? Neemo method coach certificate training is available all around the world. We are looking for people who believe creativity and human connection.


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