"The core of the workshop led by Nanna consisted of, among other things, discovering a shared value basis for future services, finding a goal-oriented, cost-effective and efficient working approach, and recognising the most essential clients and helping the new work community in creating a team spirit. I felt that the Neemo Method brought an entirely new and unprejudiced way of thinking to the way I act in a workshop compared to my previous experiences. The method helped me switch my brain and mind to work with a more multidimensional approach, discovering new angles to the topics of consideration. It wasn't always easy to discuss and consider things through images and topics – as it shouldn't be – but the pictures helped joining better and more extensive stories and contents to the topics of consideration, and the picture itself also helped reveal factors you cannot properly put into words. For me personally, the workshop as a whole brought on a clearly more extensive and improved angle from which to approach workshopping compared to previous methods, and it also immensely broadened the discussed topics." The Finnish Enterprise Agency, Kuopio Region, Pekka Turunen                   "I found the photograph method for developing self-awareness by the photographer and consultant Nanna Hänninen to be novel, inspiring and interesting. The fact that the photography process was genuine from the beginning till the end was good, as it challenged us to think and made the invisible visible." VALTIO-JOKO 54 participants


"The Neemo workshop provided a brilliant new way to deal with issues related to business development, collaboration and strategy. The Neemo method made us think about things from new perspectives, "out of the box", helped us understand the way others think, and activated discussions. It was thus also a good way to get to know people and deepen cooperation in the team."           Marja-Leena Laitinen, Senior Advisor, Business Development, Startup and Growup Services and Risto Koivisto, Senior Advisor, Business Development, Startup Services, Kuopio Innovation


The Neemo Method helped us to verbalise the brand, mission and vision of our company. At the same time, the workshops succeeded in building up team spirit and enhanced our sense of community. For us, the method helped considering the company's issues from a new perspective and perceive abstract concepts concretely." Antti Haapakorva and Suvi von Becker, Talentree Oy             "Nanna Hänninen opened up a brand new world for us with her photographs. In the workshop she led, Nanna guided us to describe the change towards a new role for public officials, the Official 2.0. The use of photographs made it possible to break free from the familiar and traditional way we deal with issues, which challenged us to describe an identity for public officials that we can be proud of. I can warmly recommend utilising Nanna's proficiency in any sort of development work where the aim is to open doors to something new!" Virpi Einola-Pekkinen, Head of Development, Ministry of Finance