Common goals

Neemo’s visual dialogue approach is a practice-oriented method for implementing change and developing business activities. Neemo Method enhances self-awareness and thorough understanding in your company. Neemo inspires, motivates and encourages. Neemo helps everyone to find their own functions in the implementation of the strategy. Neemo’s exceptional approach is an out-of-the-box way to develop your organizational culture.

Neemo Method

In Neemo Method workshops teams communicate and share their ideas and emotions with photographs taken by themselves. Neemo Method draws upon emotional intelligence, tacit knowledge and equally engages both extroverts and introverts. This process leads into a open dialog and creates empathy and trust. See our references. We use today's most popular form of communication in our fun and effective workshops. Neemo has a truly unique solution to develop your organizations in a deep and effective way. We realized that people take and share billions of photographs daily, but they’re not used for business development. So we develop a facilitating method that is based on these photos and its fun, creative and profound. In Neemo Method workshops teams communicate and share their idea and emotions with photographs taken by themselves. Our Neemo method has been tested in several businesses and public organizations dealing with branding, management, merges, strategy and values.

Neemo Method Coach Certificate

We are creating an international Neemo Tribe, which consists of licensed Neemo Coaches and their clients. We will help the Neemo Tribe members throughout the journey using our creative method. We continuously develop new tools to help business coaches to be more efficient and creative and share their thoughts with each other. We establish a licensed Neemo coach training program for business coaches around the world. We are looking for the cutting-edge thinkers and open minded people who believe the value of arts, creativity and human connection. Interested into become a licenced Neemo Coach? Stay tuned and apply for the next Neemo coach training by emailing