“Neemo was sparked by an idea of cross-pollinating competence from multiple different industries and utilising the artistic way of thinking in this process. This method of consulting public administration and business management developed by Hänninen is internationally unique. Among other things, the Neemo Method provides tools for mobilising strategy with the means of fine art photography.”

Nanna Hänninen

Founder, Innovator, CEO
+358 405 109 236 | nanna@neemo.fi

Neemo was founded in 2016 by Nanna Hänninen who is one of the most famous finnish art photographers in Finland and abroad. She is the CEO, founder and partner at Neemo. She is also a Member of the Board. Nanna Hänninen is currently working with a five-year state artist grant. She is one of the most internationally known Finnish photographic artists. Her works are placed in numerous public and private collections in Finland and abroad. Nanna Hänninen has also created several public artworks internationally. www.nannahanninen.com

Kari Voutila

Partner, Chairman of the Board and business developer
+358 400 671479 | kari@neemo.fi

Kari Voutila is a serial entrepreneur and board professional who has remarkable experience and track record with startups and in media. He is responsible for business development and investor relations.

Timo Kärkkäinen

Sales and marketing developer, board member
+358 50 5151575 | timo@neemo.fi

Timo Kärkkäinen is a professional manager in show business and great entertainer and a musician.  He has been conducting one the most successful Finnish show bands Jean S. and has been CEO of the legendary UIT Theatre Company. He is responsible for sales, marketing and customer relations, as well as being a Member of the Board.

Niina Eble

UX- and Product Designer
+1 (408) 203-0393 | usa@neemo.fi

Niina is UX -and Product Designer. She has long experience at the Digital communication and interaction Agency Ray Sono in Munich. Niina Eble is also our contact person in San Fransisco Bay and Silicon Valley area in USA.

Bailey Lähdesmäki

Business Developement and Service Designer
+358 44 271 8451‬ | bailey@neemo.fi

Bailey Lähdesmäki is originally from Los Angeles, California and has lived in Finland for 10 years. She excels in the service design and business development fields. Bailey works on developing the Neemo method and Neemo Coach Training program. She plays a key role in Neemo’s internationalization process.